20's Plenty for Kings Lynn



No-one living, working or visiting Kings Lynn can fail to notice the almost total dominance of motor traffic on our streets. Pedestrians and cyclists, particularly children are put at significant risk and are intimidated by the high speeds along residential streets. Streets should be for all people – not just those in cars. Streets and roads should be ‘social space’, where people feel safe to socialise and to play, not just travel along. The first stage to redressing the balance and returning our streets to those who live and work in them is to reduce the speed limit to 20mph. Many towns and cities in the UK are beginning to take this step – in particular Portsmouth, Aberdeen, Bristol and Cambridge. 30Kph (18Mph) is standard in most European towns The government also believe that this is the way forward, and traffic planning laws have been changed to make it easier for local and highways authorities to do this. For example it is no longer required to install expensive traffic calming systems. In recent years some streets in the historic centre of town have been restricted to 20mph, and, while it is clear that there are still a few selfish individuals who flout this limit, the average speeds have dropped, and these streets are safer and more pleasant to use as a result.


Our aim is for 20 mph to be the default speed limit on all street where people live, work, shop or play.