20's Plenty for Kings Lynn



October 2011


'20's Plenty for Kings Lynn is now in the public realm! On Wednesday 29th September Rob Archer asked a public question at the full meeting of the Borough Council.


'Would the Borough Council consider making a request to Norfolk County Council to change the default urban speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on roads and streets where people live, work, play or shop? Lower speed limits have been proven to be hugely beneficial in terms of casualty reduction, both in terms of numbers and severity. Child casualties, in particular can be dramatically reduced. Lower speeds will also yield improvements in air quality, road surface damage, and traffic flow. Many other towns and cities across the country are adopting a 'Total 20' approach (as opposed to limited 20 'zones'). Will the Borough Council support the 20's Plenty for Kings Lynn campaign and make this council policy?


The reply from Cllr Vivienne Spikings was disappointing.


“The Borough Council supports 20 mph speed limits in appropriate locations – the historic town, outside schools and on new residential estates designed in that way. We would not support blanket area-wide bans where the limit is unlikely to be adhered to or enforced. To be successful schemes need effectively to be “self-enforcing”. We know that the County Council through its Local Transport Plan and Speed Limit Management Strategy will not support blanket area-wide bans. We will continue to work with the County Council to implement the King’s Lynn Area Transportation Strategy and our Air Quality Action Plan, which are looking at measures necessary to tackle air quality issues and congestion problems and to improve and develop the strategic cycle network.

We would be concerned about the impact an area-wide limit might have on the ease of movement around the town for cars and buses. King’s Lynn relies on a wide rural catchment area in order to continue to thrive as a sub regional centre for shopping and other services and we would not wish to impede access to the town centre by car or public transport.”


We had at least expected a commitment to discuss the matter further. On the other hand, Rob was approached by several councillors, from all political parties represented, offering support. We shall continue to press individual Borough and County Councillors for support.