20's Plenty for Kings Lynn



20's Plenty for King's Lynn owes it's origins to the late Mike Allen, local cyclist, campaigner and builder of the famous RedMount Roller recumbent trikes. In the mid-1990s he began to promote the concept of lower speed limits in the town in response to a growing number of casualties - particularly among children. Mike was supported by the Kings Lynn Bike User's Group and a few local residents, including a few councillors. The vision of more civilised streets has slowly grown since those days, but the authorities have been unwilling the roll out a move to slower speeds as, until now it has been a requirement that either the traffic speed have to already low, or expensive 'traffic-calming' measures have had to be installed. A few years ago a 20mph limit was introduced to a few streets in the historic town centre with some minimul traffic calming. It has generally been a success and average speeds have fallen. 20's Plenty for Kings Lynn has been re-launched during 2011, in conjuction with the national 20's Plenty campaign. We have support from local cycling groups, CTC, schools, local medical professionals and resident's groups, as well as from borough councillors from across the political spectrum.